Podernuovo is a precise choice of how to live. A piece of cultivated Italian land, where men and women try to live in a sustainable way, aware of the fact that it has only been borrowed, and knowing that today’s actions will have an impact on future generations.

The desire to listen, understand and interpret the values of the land, intended as a heritage and common good in syntony with the article 9 of the Italian Constitution, that cites: “The Italian state promotes the development of culture, of scientific research and technology. It protects the land and the historic and artistic heritage of the Nation”. This is, for Podernuovo, the aim from a human and from a management point of view: it is research, a daily effort to protect the environment, to produce the good but also the beautiful and healthy, to contribute to maintain the environment and the landscape, while spreading culture of all things well executed.

Today Podernuovo uses geothermal sources to heat and cool the entire wine production and aging process. Solar power plants for energy and a non invasive architecture guarantee a harmonic approach to the landscape.

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